The Pediatric Brain Mapping Project UPDATED

Palmer was never diagnosed. He lived 19 beautiful years, visited with dozens if not hundreds of doctors, nurses, and scientist and underwent multiple genetic testing but he was never diagnosed. Some thought he fell on spectrum of Cerebral Palsy, some thought he didn’t. And at this point, we may never know what underlying ailment or condition triggered Palmer’s central nervous system to not function typically. Palmer’s story is not unique. Today, there are over 14 million children, just in the US, that are living with a neurological condition. And while many of these diseases are now diagnosable, the overwhelming majority do not have a cure. This is unacceptable.

Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week (March 10-16, 2014) is a worldwide initiative to increase public awareness on the benefits of and progresses in brain research. CNS Foundation is supporting Brain Awareness Week through the growth of the Pediatric Brain Mapping Project.