The Neuro Bureau is a forum and initiative that supports open sharing of neuroscience information, including analytic tools, computational resources, data, and knowledge.

The Neuro Bureau feels that "to realize the true potential of open neuroscience, we need to alter the culture of neuroscientific research — in particular, we need to foster a shift towards a focus on what can be gained communally through increased collaboration, and away from a focus on what can be gained or lost at the individual level. It is only through the shared efforts of the scientific community that open neuroscience can succeed." They support data sharing initiatives that foster collaboration.

The Neuro Bureau sponsors the "Brain Hack" forum and unconference, which is a space for collaborative projects in the field of brain science. The terms "unconference" and "hackathon" are used to describe this event, since "unconference" means that most of the content of the conference will be created by the attendees, and "hackathon" meaning that all participants will collaborate on projects.The purpose of such an event is "to work in close collaboration with people outside your specialization in order to address neuroscience questions that are beyond the expertise of a single discipline."

As part of encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to neuroscience, the Neuro Bureau encourages brain art. For all the conceptions of the brain that are illustrated for science, the rendering truly influences an art form. Though not typically conceived as such, the Neuro Bureau awards those who create art from brain illustrations, whether closely connected to scientific inquiry or for comical relief.

For more information, visit the Neuro Bureau on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.