Launched in 2011, Feeding Tube Awareness Week® was created the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation to promote "the positive benefits of feeding tubes as a life-saving medical intervention." 

Traci Nagy, whose son Lucas uses a feeding tube, was inspired to create this awareness week after contacting a popular children's show to feature a character who uses a feeding tube and was turned down. 

The goals of Feeding Tube Awareness Week® are raising awareness of the reasons why children are tube fed, challenges that feeding tube families face, and what daily life is like for children that are tube fed. The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation notes "Feeding tubes are not just for those at the end of their life; they provide necessary nutrition for children to live, grow, and thrive. There are well over 200 conditions and diseases that can require tube feeding in children, including: prematurity, eosinophilic disorders, mitochondrial disease, and cerebral palsy."

The theme of the 2014 Awareness Week is "Nothing Can Hold Us Back". Daily topics include: "Why do I/does my child have a feeding tube? What positive benefits come from tube feeding?", "Where have you tube fed? What is the most unexpected places you've done tube feedings", "Share obstacles you or your child have overcome", "What has made the journey of life with a feeding tube easier", "What are your tube feeding hopes and dreams for you or your child in 2014? What successes do you want to build on?", "Share the tubie love", and "celebrating the best of the week".

The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation was founded in 2010. Their mission is to "share practical experience tube feeding infants and children to help other parents. Secondly, raise positive awareness of tube feeding so that families have the support they need." The Foundation provides information on what tube feeding entails from parents whose children are tube fed. 

Get involved with Feeding Tube Awareness Week® by checking out their website and Facebook page for more details. 

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