Caileb Henderson is a sweet, outgoing, and vibrant little boy!

Caileb suffered two major strokes while in utero, one on each side of his brain. His mother, Chasity, found this out after there was a decrease in fetal movement during her 38th week of pregnancy. Since the strokes, Caileb has had a multitude of effects on his mind and body. He is 19 months old, yet developmentally at 4 months old. Caileb has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. He is on many medications, has a home nurse, and 8 different therapists and physicians. His sweet mother, Chasity, says that Caileb's #1 Fan is his brother, Khaiden! 

Want to know more about this strong and supporting family? Keep reading for some precious information about Caileb from his mommy and big brother Khaiden! :)

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite food: Pediasure

Favorite animal: Duck

Who’s Caileb's best friend? Bubby (big brother Khaiden) 

What makes Caileb happy? meal times and being with family 

What does Caileb want to be when he grows up? Firefighter!

What sort of things does Caileb like to do? Listen to music, babbling (singing)

Do you all have any pets? Draggy pet fish 

What do you all do for fun? Family movie nights on Fridays and Science Sundays 

Who is Caileb's favorite superhero? Captain America 

What is Caileb scared of? Shots

We had mom answer a few questions for us as well! :) 

Give us five characteristics of your kiddo. Happy, strong, brave, loveable, and unique

What is your best memory with your little one? When I noticed he’d began gaining weight after getting g-tube 

What do you see as the future for your child? Overcoming obstacles that are expected to come his way.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since having your child? Never take things for granted and live each day as they come.

Pediatric Brain Foundation is blessed to be able to work with and support this amazing family. If you would like to help us support them and accept no boundaries, please donate and use the referral Courageous Caileb to show your love!