New Name, Same Mission

Pediatric Brain Foundation, formerly Children’s Neurobiological Solutions Foundation, is very proud to be serving the same great mission!

Palmer Clay Richmond, Our Inspiration, 9/11/95 - 10/25/14

He was a teacher, a son, a brother, a friend, an inspiration. Whatever he was to you he was special. Our relationship with him will continue as our experiences with him push us all to love deeper, to work harder and to be better. We love you, Palmer.

Pediatric Brain Foundation Mapping Project

There are more than 14 million children living in the US with one of more than 600 different neurological conditions. For members of Congress and other policymakers, numbers matter. Help PedIatric Brain Foundation Shine A Light On An Invisible Population!


Vtesse, Inc. Initiates Phase 2b/3 Clinical Trial of VTS-270 for Treatment of Niemann-Pick Type C1 (NPC) Disease

Founding Donor

Little Sunshine's Playhouse is proud to serve as the Founding Donor for the Pediatric Brain Foundation in support of its mission! 



The Pediatric Brain Foundation's New Executive Director

Paul S. Madar, DM, DD, MBA, BS

Paul S. Madar is uniquely qualified for the kind of collaborative work that the Pediatric Brain Foundation supports.  Beyond his love of working with children, he brings a diverse background of studies and experience, including biological sciences, alternative health, business, cognitive sciences, humanities, nonprofit development, music and even theology.  He has directed independent schools for the last 18 years, teaching, lecturing and giving radio and television interviews in many cities throughout the Midwest.

Previously, Paul has worked at the University of Missouri—Columbia, the Missouri Humanities Council, the School of Metaphysics, Indiana Landmarks and the Holcomb Research Institute.  Paul’s doctoral thesis in 2011 involved studying the resonant healing properties of sound, vibration and music, with applications for children.  He received a doctorate of divinity in 2005, an MBA from Butler University in 1995, and a BS in Biology from Cornell University in 1987.

Being a father of two girls, Paul occasionally gives programs and workshops for parents in support of self-directed education. He enjoys synthesizing his diverse disciplines and speaking to schools, businesses and professional groups.  A Renaissance man, he is also a multi-instrument musician, writer, artist, storyteller, actor, carpenter, counselor, investor and world traveler.

News in Scientific Research

Children born with a DNA abnormality on chromosome 16 already linked to neurodevelopmental problems show measurable delays in processing sound and language, says a study team of radiologists and psychologists.

By strengthening the case that the deleted gene disrupts a key biological pathway, the research may lay the foundation for future medical treatments for specific subtypes of autism, along with cognitive and language disabilities.

"This study shows an important connection between gene differences and differences in neurophysiology," said study leader Timothy P.L....